Authorship Contested – Book Review

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Authorship Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2016.

The collection’s greatest merit resides in questioning current forms of authorship, moving away from historical forms of archaeological investigation. However, while trying to surpass poststructuralist thought, the contributors frequently fall back to safe places like the death of the author (Barthes) or the role of the author-function (Foucault). Unfortunately, contested authorship is far from representing the face of contemporary authorial theory (or practice, for that matter). The ecology of authorship is much more of a great sounding phrase than anything else. Nonetheless, Authorship Contested does indeed represent an essential piece of scholarly work—a breakthrough of sorts—in today’s fields of rhetoric and composition.

Robillard, Amy E. and Ron Fortune (eds). Authorship Contested. Cultural Challenges to the Authentic Autonomous Author (New York, and London: Routledge, 2015), 214 pp. £100.



Amy E. Robillard; Ron Fortune; Rebecca Moore Howard; Julia Marie Smith; Kyle Jensen; Erin A. Frost; Kellie Sharp-Hoskins; Seth Kahn; Kevin Mahoney; Rachel Parish; James Zebroski; Paul Butler; Val Perry Rendel; Matt Hollrah; Joseph Harris; Authorship


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