Z9 Festival

Imaginate, trăite sau doar examinate, experiențele poetice facilitează, pe de altă parte, o mai bună înțelegere sau apreciere nu doar a lumii sau a locurilor în care trăim, ci și a mentalităților care ne-nconjoară. Despre depășirea granițelor vorbește nu doar pacing-ul Simonei Halep, ci și unul dintre poemele semnate de Xiao Yue Shan:

„I did not feel guilty to know what/ was yours, and what was mine. we lived/ without consciousness. we were not careless/ though from beyond the window it may/ have seemed so. we did not have/ a mutual language by which to explain/ why. the small room and its white/ concrete walls unfolded/ in various blooms. single light./ multitudinous voices. our respective/ breathing revolving./ you, who was here first./ and I, who was here anyway”.

Xiao Yue Shan – the diaspora roommate
Richard Scott reading at Z9 Festival 2019 in Sibiu (@GonG Theatre)

Text integral aici!

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