From Rhetorics to Sociology

From Rhetorics to Sociology: Authorship Figures in Contemporary Narratology Abstract: Theoretically speaking, authorship has (almost always) been excluded from narrative studies, although practical literary criticism never ceased in using this category. It is a well-known fact that Wayne C. Booth invented the term “implied authorship” in his 1961 study called “The Rhetoric of Fiction”. Although the concept survived […]

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Literature, Performance, and Somaesthetics

Literature, Performance, and Somaesthetics. Studies in Agency and Embodiment Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Editor(s): Anna Budziak, Katarzyna Lisowska, Jarosław Woźniak. Book Description Literature, Performance, and Somaesthetics views textual and extra-textual worlds as intimately connected, as forming a continuum, in fact. The essays – on literature, philosophy and the arts – gathered here derive their theoretical inspirations from two […]

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